Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Dirty DeLay's Consiglieres Trying To Pass Themselves Off As "Clean"

In the wake of news that the GOP's process of replacing the Bugman as House Majority Leader has broken down -- apparently some of the more ambitious Republican Congresscritters are refusing to rubber-stamp either Boehner or Blunt unless they can get something out of it for themselves, and maybe not even then -- Josh Marshall has been keeping tabs on those of DeLay's consiglieres currently trying to pass themselves off as squeaky-clean. Marshall notes that David "'Moderate' Is A Force Of Nature" Dreier, who Dennis Hastert has apparently picked to be his go-to guy on ethics (what, Bob Ney wasn't available?), actually is a DeLay minion through and through, ready/willing/able to implement the Bugman's scuzziest orders. (As is, of course, Hastert himself -- otherwise he would never have been allowed to become Speaker in the first place.) The same goes for Melissa Hart, who was picked by DeLay himself to lead the House's "investigation" of him.

Dreier would be the most fun. His own district has right-wing radio talk show hosts trying to drag him out of the closet.

And Hastert is so good at following orders, it would be pretty funny to watch the ensuing chaos as the wolves in the Republican caucus put the bite on him.

Since I am rooting for those two, I imaginge Republicans should be rooting for Hart!
I can't imagine that they'd go with Dreier. They've already prevented him once before from becoming Majority Leader, because of his being gay (oops, I meant "moderate"); I suspect the ethics gig was a consolation prize for him, in exchange for being kept out of the top job.

Hart would be the smart choice -- she's a woman, which makes most lefties less likely to attack her. But her gender makes her just as anathema to the Religio-Racist Corporatists as is the "moderate" Dreier. That's probably why she's working with Boehner against Blunt.
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