Thursday, January 19, 2006


Drownie Admits He Didn't Exactly Do a Heckuva Job

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown admits he "fell short" in his response to Hurricane Katrina.

"It was beyond the capacity of the state and local governments, and it was beyond the capacity of FEMA," said Brown, former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Brown's remarks Wednesday stood in sharp contrast to his testimony at a congressional hearing in September, when he blamed most of the government's failures on Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin - both Democrats. He specifically targeted them for failing to evacuate New Orleans, restore order and improve communication.
File this mea culpa in the same "Too Little, Too Late" folder as that response. The damage is done, not just to the Gulf Coast and New Orleans in particular, but to the reputations of the Democratic politicians he blamed for the debacle. And what about that testimony? Was Drownie under oath? Or should he be nailed merely for lying to Congress, not for actual perjury?
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