Friday, January 27, 2006


Filibuster Alito: Call the Republicans, Too

It may seem like a lost cause if your Senators are Republican, but give it a shot anyway. Tell them they should support an Alito filibuster for their own good. (Call the Senate switchboard at 1-888-355-3588 and ask for their offices.) Not only are their voice-mailboxes less full, but you can use this argument -- especially with the ones up for re-election in '08:

Dear Senator ___________: You might want to consider putting some daylight between yourself and Mister Thirty-Five Percent, especially when the Iraq casualties mount and our economy finally runs out of wiggle room. By this time in '08, Bush will be lucky to be at thirty-five percent. Even the corporate media will have turned on him. And not just over Iraq, either: The alleged "recovery" will be shown for the fraud that it is. Bush's fraudulent "boom" hasn't done diddly for average Americans -- we're back up to the same number of jobs as when Bush started office, but since we've added over seven million to the working-age population since then, the actual jobless RATE is UP -- and what new jobs exist are all of the "would you like fries with that?" variety. Meanwhile, with DeLay, Ney, Cunningham and the other K Street Projecteers losing their seats due to their corrupt and illegal chickens coming home to roost, being a Republican is going to be synonymous with "blundering Nixonian-style crook". Do you really want to be closely tied to all of that? I didn't think so. So you'd best start distancing yourself from him now. And the best way to start is with a vote against cloture on the Alito filibuster -- so that you can quiz him some more on his attitude towards Bush's illegal spying and backhanding of the FISA court. Yeah, Karl Rove will scream. Let him. By this time next year, Karl Rove will be going to the Federal pen. He won't be able to do too much to you now. And neither will DeLay or his equally-vulnerable successors.
Plant some seeds in their heads. Some of them may flower, given time.

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