Friday, January 20, 2006


Friday Cat Blogging

Awwwwww. Alex is such a furry little pudding. And Lightfoot flaunts her white whisker like a cigarette holder.
Your Lightfoot looks just like my Emily Jamal. My other cat - her litter mate - is a tabby/mix named Phaedra Simmons. They must have had different fathers because they are totally not-alike in any way, other than their big green eyes.

Are your cats litter mates or singles?
My two cats aren't littermates. Lightfoot was an adult when I got her, and I adopted Alex as an 8-week-old kitten.

My theory for why all black cats look alike is that there's really only one Black Cat, and the [seemingly] individual black cats are just avatars of the universal Black Cat. This is also why black cats are often nowhere to be found even though they couldn't have gotten out of the house, and why they're so difficult to photograph.
I just loves me some big Black and White kitty! So sweet, like a big old Jersy cow, but on your lap.
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