Thursday, January 05, 2006


Hello and Welcome to Another Edition of "If Clinton Did This, The Republicans and Their Tame Media Would be Screaming Bloody Murder!"

#1: I note that no US newspaper deigned to run Gary Hart's think-piece on the real reason we invaded Iraq: Namely, to replace the US military bases we lost when the Shah of Iran was toppled in 1979. He had to go to the UK's Financial Times first, then to HuffPost. That should tell you something about how pathetically deep in Bush's pocket our "elite" media members are. Let's assume that, instead of being sensible and pursuing the first WTC bombers through the criminal justice system, Clinton decided to invade Iraq in 1993. Does anyone think for a moment that the same Republicans who blamed Clinton for GHW Bush's Somalia policy, and who fought him every step of the way on relatively minor operations like Bosnia and Kosovo, would back a full-scale invasion of Iraq -- especially if Clinton (like Bush) repeatedly lied about why he wanted to do it? #2: From Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo --

(January 04, 2006 -- 11:34 PM EST // link)

Count 'em: 17 recess appointments this evening from the president -- including a slew of cronies and hacks the president couldn't manage to get through a senate controlled by his own party. Here's the list just posted at the White House, which TPM Reader JW was kind enough to send us.

-- Josh Marshall
Remember when Clinton was being scorched up one side and down the other when he'd make ONE recess appointment? (To refresh your memory, here's what you get when you Google "clinton recess". Note the prominence of references from right-wing outfits like NewsMax and EnterStageRight, places that the RNC uses to cow the US corporate media into following their party line.) #3: From HuffPost via DailyKos diarist Maccabee: James Moore, the author of Bush's Brain, was placed on BushCo's No-Fly List -- and he can't get off of it for love nor money. Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

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