Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I'd Forgotten About This

Remember our old buddy, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, the war profiteer, nutjob, and bribe-taker? The guy whose ties to Tom DeLay may well prove to be yet another nail in Hot Tub Tom's political coffin? He's also got ties to some pretty unsavory folk, namely the pro-genocidal Serbian Unity Congress. (Yup, Milosevic's gang.) Then again, so do most of the most virulently nasty and racist Republican Senators and Congresscritters of the past twenty years. (Who could forget Helen Chenoweth? Nowadays, she seems almost quaint in her idiotic hypocrisy.) No wonder why they worked to undermine Clinton at every turn.

I've always thought that there might be ties among a lot of these Republicans to today's Euro-fascists through the Republican Heritage Groups Council. That there hasn't been more work done to look at this by Holochaust researchers is pretty amazing.

Helen Chenoweth, who could forget her. Sort of an anti-liberty statue from potato and Identity Christianity country. Imagine what the press would have made of her if she'd been a Democrat
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