Wednesday, January 04, 2006


In affair reminiscent of Spy v. Spy, Iran dupes CIA

You've seen it. The little white and black figures of spies in Mad Magazine, coming up with ever more clever means of knocking one another off. Well, the CIA just got tricked into taking the real bomb, while the black hats walked off whistling. Via Truthout, here: In a clumsy effort to sabotage Iran's nuclear program, the CIA in 2004 intentionally handed Tehran some top-secret bomb designs laced with a hidden flaw that U.S. officials hoped would doom any weapon made from them, according to a new book about the U.S. intelligence agency. But the Iranians were tipped to the scheme by the Russian defector hired by the CIA to deliver the plans and may have gleaned scientific information useful for designing a bomb, writes New York Times reporter James Risen in "State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration."... According to the book, the CIA effort to sabotage Iran's nuclear effort came on the heels of another massive intelligence failure, in which a CIA officer mistakenly sent an Iranian agent a trove of information that could help identify nearly every one of the spy agency's undercover operatives in Iran.The Iranian was a double agent who turned over the data to Iranian authorities. They used it to dismantle the CIA's spy network inside the country and arrest or possibly kill an unknown number of U.S. agents, the book says. Does anyone seriously think we are going to outplay these people with the frat boys running the Agency?
These are the same morons who, during the "Chinagate" Fauxgate, published classified weapons information in a public report. We're talking about full-color, exploded-view diagrams of weapons.
Oops, wait. I was thinking of the House GOP Caucus, circa 1998. Then again, the same types of morons are in both places.
You mean Porter Goss?

He was on the Cox Committee.

You're right even when you're wrong. :-)
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