Sunday, January 08, 2006


It's Happened Once Again

I've seen it happen with everything from discussions of science to theology to politics. Some right-winger, usually well-subsidized by some Scaife/Murdoch/Moon-like sugar daddy foundation, manages to use words of more than one syllable in a sentence -- and spell them correctly, too! -- and he or she is hailed by his/her fellow cons as a leading intellectual light of the conservative movement. Then some lefty comes along, and without even breathing hard, dismantles the right-winger's verbal sandcastles in a handful of concise, cogent, well-written and well-sourced paragraphs -- and does it for free. In this case, the righty that swallowed a dictionary is Harvey Mansfield, as cited disapprovingly by Glenn Greenwald and by Steve Gilliard. The lefty who disembowels him and his arguments is Bellatrys, a frequent commenter in the comments threads on Gilliard's blog.

Bellatrys clearly doesn't know what he is talking about because they didn't have helicopters in the time of James II.

(Yes, this is a joke.)
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