Sunday, January 15, 2006


The Media And Alito

It's fashionable among those who are looking for a pretext not to vote this year (when, as Dr. Dean says, voting is the least we can do) to attack the Senate Democrats over the Alito hearings. The truth is that, Biden aside, the Democrats did a good job of showing Alito's totalitarianism, racism, and Bush worship -- not to mention his intent to go after Roe v. Wade, either directly or indirectly. But you never would have known that if you had to depend on the "reporting" of the TV talking heads, such as Brian Williams, Gloria Borger, and Wolf Blitzer.

I saw enough of it on C-Span to know that you wouldn't know that the Democrats brought him to account if your own eyes saw it.

Kennedy was ok, more articulate than he often is. Pat Leahy, always stumbling over words, was worse than usual.

Of course, compared to the Republicans, they were geniuses. If Osama needs a recruiting video, all he needs is to order the tape of this hearing. After seeing how effete and dysfunctional American elected leaders are, doubtless many Islamic extremists would be certain of victory. I can see Cornyn on the recruiting posters now.
That is a ridiculous statement that has nothing to do with reality. Its what you saw through your own biased eyes, but its not what the rest of the country did. Racist, totalitarian, sexist,.... give me a break. Thats what democrats tried to paint Alito as, pressure by left wing activists, but it backfired, nobody bought it, except the most extreme left wingers.

And believe or not Im a liberal that voted for Kerry, but I think I have a better grasp of the way ordinary amercans think than you do, in fact I know I do. Youre thinking is the kind that continues to lose elections for democrats. Youre as extreme from the left as the christian kooks are from the right. If we lose control of the court, its your fault. You and MoveOn and Michael Moore etc..... The only way were going to win again is if we wrest control of the party away from peope like you. Then maybe we can save the court for everybody.
"Biden aside"? LOL, did you see Kennedy? I am from Boston and I am at a complete loss to explain how he gets elected. Yet, I watch it on CSpan the way rubberneckers watch car crashes on the highway.
It's always interesting to see how pro-Republican "liberals" always post anonymously. The sixth grade orthography is also pretty consistent.

Anonymous, how do you feel about strip searching 10 year old girls? If you're in favor of it, you're with Sam Alito.

How do you feel about telling the Senate you won't rule on a company in which you have $390,000 in investments and then going ahead and doing it? If you think that Supreme Court justices should be free to lie under oath, Sam's your man.

And how do you feel about a man listing on his job applications an organization that wanted to bar women and African Americans from attending university, then saying he has no recall of this?

No one cares about these silly bleats about "left wing extremism." Not when the president says he has the right to ignore the law. Not when innocent people are being held without due process and even tortured. Not when the country is heading to the brink of financial ruin.

My guess-- and it's only a guess-- that you are a Republican and that you are lying in a lame attempt to ... influence people? You influence me to think that we have to ignore the people pretending to be Democrats as they try to line them up in a circular firing squad.
At least BostonMaggie doesn't pretend she's a Democrat.

Tell you what, Maggie: You explain how you can vote for Bush, and I'll explain how Teddy can win elections. (Oh, and if you bring up fatal car accidents of the 1960s as a reason not to vote for anyone, don't forget Laura Bush's accidentally snuffing her boyfriend when she was behind the wheel.)
LOL, Charles, you're bringing up the car accident! The thing that always burned me about Chappaquiddick was the same thing that bugs me about any one beating the system. No matter your feelings on Teddy you have to admit the penalties would have been different for an average Joe. That's something politicians of all stripes get to take advantage of, as well as certain celebrities and captains of industry.

No, my dislike of Teddy stems from his attitude toward working class Irish Americans during the busing. This was a complicated time in Boston and Ted was very "let them eat cake".

My remark on not knowing how he gets elected has to do with the fact that I personally don't know anyone who votes for him. Anyone that will admit it anyway. As you would guess from my blue state address I am surrounded by Democrats and I can't get any of them to cop to supporting him. Doesn't mean they don't, but if they do, they are ashamed to admit it.

Bush isn't perfect by any means and I am more of a McCain Girl anyway. I disagree with several of Ws policies, especially border control and immigration. However, faced with choosing between Bush and Gore or Bush and Kerry, yikes, no choice there.

As far as pretending to be something other than myself out here.....I am too old for such foolishness! Also, I find anonymous posters to be fairly useless.

I am sure you are pretty close to my polar opposite, but I enjoyed reading what you had to say over at The Castle.
Oops!!!!! Sorry, I didn't read thoroughly. Apparently I am supposed to be answering Phoenix Woman, not Charles. My apologies. Long day, head cold, what other excuses can I make?
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