Saturday, January 07, 2006


The Michigan Chapter of Republicans Against Good Ideas

Oakland County [MI] Commissioner Dave Woodward has an idea: county employees who have been convicted of drunk driving should be prohibited from driving county-owned cars. Mothers Against Drunk Driving thinks this is a great idea. The Deputy Sheriffs Association thinks it's a great idea, too. The Republican majority on the Oakland County Commission? They're against it. I have a pretty good idea what answer I'd get if I asked any taxpayer, "Do you want somebody who drives drunk to be driving a vehicle you're paying for?" Supporting the prohibition should be a no-brainer. So why are the Republican commissioners opposing it? Because Woodward is a Democrat and it's a kneejerk reflex? Or maybe it has something to do with the rhetorical question one of the deputy sheriffs asked Woodward: "Why is it that all the public figures who've been arrested in this county for drunk driving are Republicans?"

It's because the biased liberal media doesn't report the drunk Democrats, MEC. All Democrats are drunk 24 hours a day and we don't know about it because the media lies to cover it up.
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