Friday, January 27, 2006


More Things The US Media Won't Tell You About

Once again, in order to find out what's really happening in my own country, I have to go to a UK newspaper: Al Gore, the movie, a festival hit

It does not exactly have blockbuster written all over it. The film is a documentary about Al Gore, the famously wooden vice-president and failed presidential candidate, wheeling his suitcases from town to town and presenting a slideshow about climate change.

Yet An Inconvenient Truth is getting standing ovations at the Sundance film festival in Utah this week. The festival guide describes the film as a "gripping story" with "a visually mesmerising presentation" that is "activist cinema at its very best". In Nashville, Mr Gore's home town, fire marshals had to turn away hundreds of fans trying to get into a screening.
Gee, I wonder why the GOP/Media Axis ignores the fact that Al Gore, the butt of their lies and ridicule for nearly two decades, is so wildly popular even in red states like Tennessee? Could it be for the same reason they ignore the fact that The Nation has far more subscribers than GOP-fluffing mags like The New Republic(an) or the The Weekly (sub)Standard? Or that one single lefty blog, DailyKos, has more traffic than all the blogs of the conservative blogosphere combined?

Don't rule out that guiding force of commercial journalism, after graft and corruption, sheer laziness.

Once a media line has been established the lazy-assed media hacks won't go out of their way to find non-conforming information. That's why it's important to point out MoDo's modus.

I've got a strong feeling that the commercial media's audience is washing out from under it like sand does at the beach. They're just too arrogant and self-absorbed to have noticed.

I don't care what anyone says, after his last speech Al Gore has my support, even if he doesn't want to run. Draft Al.
Al Gore is wildly popular in his home state, even though "he lost even in Tennessee"?

I remember that in Nashville after the 2000 election, Catherine Danielson did her own investigation of the "voting conditions" after hearing dozens of stories of people turned away from the polls, threatened with arrest for "loitering" in line outside voting places, being required to show multiple IDs (in violation of state law), going to their usual polling places and finding them shut down with no information about the new location, discovering their names were missing from the rolls at polling places where they'd voted for years. She gathered enough evidence to convince the Justice Department to send its own investigators... and that's the last we heard.

As Greg Palast said, "2000 was just a rehearsal."
The Bush Republican political platform works against the interests of so many Americans, and benefits so few, that honest elections will never really work for them. They have to cheat to win in our present system.

Palast is probably right.

Gore has been consistently strong in his support of enviromental issues. But if you believe, like Bush and his base, that The Rapture is coming in a few years, who needs a future livible enviroment?

That's why I disdain such people. They do not heed for the future. They would smother their own children in a wasted and sick enviroment.

They do not believe in the future, and that is why they need to be tossed out of our government.
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