Friday, January 13, 2006


Noted with interest

CIA husband and wife team Bill and Kathleen Christison: The recent assassinations of anti-Syrian leaders in Lebanon have provided new opportunities for the Bush administration to ratchet up its criticism of Syria still further, although the evidence of Syrian involvement in the assassinations is weak. It is at least possible that other groups, such as the Israel's Mossad or the CIA, are responsible.
It's rather darkly humorous to hear BushCo rattling its sabers when all its available troops are currently occupied.
Wellll... the Iranians may find that even if troops are occupied, airmen are sitting around. Ervand Abrahamian had an interesting segment on Democracy Now saying that he thought both sides were seriously miscalculating:

Because of the Iraqi war, we have the sort of the premise that wars are done by design, by intention. The Iraqi war was actually very much of an exception. Most wars come out of miscalculation, misjudgment, playing chickens, expecting the other side to climb down. And this is a classic case where the two sides have irreconcilable interests, and the two sides are going to, in fact, play chicken, expecting the other side to back down. And as far as I can see, neither side is going to back down. So along the road, military confrontation is very much likely.
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