Monday, January 02, 2006


Oil-for-Food Update: What FOX Won't Tell You

Wow, it was really exciting to see George Galloway, Kofi Annan, and Kofi Annan's son hauled off in leg irons to be executed for their roles in that horrible Oil-for-Food Scandal, wasn't it? Oh, wait, that didn't actually happen. Nor will it, and for good reason: Because the most scandalous thing about the UN's Oil-for-Food program is how the Republicans and their media allies have lied about it. You'd never know, if you depended on US TV newscasts, that Rojo Annan, Kofi's son, won a huge damage award against Rupert Murdoch and his Sunday Times over the lies Murdoch's flagship paper told about the Annans and the Oil-for-Food program -- the program that kept Saddam contained and the Iraqi people alive for many years. And you'd never know that the US-run Coalition Provisional Authority managed, in little more than a year, to "lose track of" huge sums that dwarf the relatively minor amounts siphoned over nearly a decade from the Oil-for-Food program. Or that most of the Oil-for-Food fraud was committed by American companies and businessmen. (By the way: The information in this and most of my other posts on this subject comes courtesy of the admirable Ian Williams, who has a blog you should visit and some books you should purchase.)

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