Saturday, January 21, 2006


Priorities, Then And Now

Hmmmm. Now that the bloody-handed thieves and street thugs egged on by the US neocons have sent Haiti sprawling into chaos, the GOP/Media Axis isn't that interested in covering it -- unless it's to try and blame everything on Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the democratically-elected Haitian president whom they have now twice toppled despite his popularity among the common people. Media Matters' Jamison Foster looks at some other things the GOP/Media Axis won't report -- and some that they will report, ad nauseam. The media arm of the GOP/Media Axis likes to pretend that it's a neutral observer, when in fact it shapes the news.

There has been a constant hostility to any black government holding actual power and especially of improving the lot of black people since Haiti overthrew the French. The entire history of the ante-bellum United States was filled with the same tactics and schemes that we see there today. A good place to start might be:

A successful, democratic Haiti is as much feared by American oligarchs as it ever was. They, and their kept media, have no intention of having one.

Remember how 60 Minutes spiked a story about corruption in Haiti because Mike Wallace thought it would be bad for a boutique owned by one of his inlaws?
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