Sunday, January 15, 2006


Robertson and Reed

NPR's Religio-Racist Right journalist, Barbara Bradley Hagerty (about whom more can be found here and here) did a short piece on the downfall of Pat Robertson last week in which she spun his spin-out as an alleged result of Ralph Reed's not being around to rein in his rhetorical excesses. It turns out that Ralph Reed has his own problems. Yupper, ladies and gentlemen: Ralph "Damien Thorn" Reed is up to his ears in the Abramoff scandal, and it's about to doom his attempt to run for lieutenant governor of Georgia. Awwwwww.

Just imagine the wretched state of American journalism if we didn't have a public service like NPR to provide us with journalism as distinguished as Babb-Hag's.

They sent Reed to shut Robertson up? Too bad that camel and eye of needle analogy had already been used.
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