Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Scalia = Sleaze

When John Roberts was sworn in as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia was conspicuous by his absence. He excused himself for this snub of his fellow justice (coincidentally the guy who got the job everybody knows Fat Tony wanted like a big wanty thing) by claiming he had a commitment he "could not break". Now we find out that the "commitment he could not break" was a tennis outing sponsored by the Federalist Society. Oh, it was called a "seminar", but the advertised purpose was a "rare opportunity to spend time, both socially and intellectually" with Scalia. We all know there's no way the Federalist Society will admit that it's a partisan organization, so we won't get any farther criticizing Fat Tony for this display of partisanship than we got criticizing his duck-hunting with Dick Cheney. But geez. It'd be nice if he had enough respect for his own exalted position to make an appearance at the swearing-in of a fellow justice for appearance's sake. I am getting so tired of these contemptuous villains openly showing their contempt for the institutions they control.

That must have been like a slap in the face for Roberts, who doesn't seem to have had nearly enough of those.

It's not surprising that Tony "the animal" Scalia would think a golfing session with well connected crypto-royalists was more important than the installation of a chief justice other than himself. He's spent his entire life bad mouthing the Supreme Court, he can't think it's more important than his personal networking.

Oh, it's going to be a bad decade or so unless Alito can be impeached. You suppose that lying about any of the many things he lied about would stand as grounds?
Why does this not surprise me?
EPT, I honestly think we are going to have to persuade the nation that George Bush was not elected. At that point, every one of his appointees can be told to leave or removed by mass impeachment. Every law he signed can be discarded.

These guys have made such a huge mess already that we are going to have to find some way to cut the Gordian knot in a reasonably amicable way. This nation cannot afford to waste the energy on remediating what was, after all, a sham presidency.

The only difficulty will be in doing it in a manner that cannot be turned back against the people who replace Bushco. It has to be done in an orderly, transparent manner. The public needs to know what crimes have been committed. Any black ops directed against elected governments, whether UN officials or Carribean/Latin American leaders need to be made public. The top members of the Bush Administration need to be turned over to the ICC. And the Pentagon needs to be cut by two-thirds, to make it a Department of Defense and not a Department of Whatever The W--l We Want To Do.
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