Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Speaking In Tongues: "Sound Science" = Religio-Corporate Lysenkoism

The shades of Iosif Stalin and Trofim Lysenko must be having a good laugh right now. I'm old enough to remember seeing lots of articles, particularly in conservative publications, about how nasty, self-deluding Stalin allowed himself and Russia to be held for decades under the sway of a pseudoscientic con artist who nearly destroyed Russia's ability to perform any sort of actual scientific research. It was supposed to be an object lesson in how Commies couldn't think straight, while capitalists knew best. Well, Lysenko's spirit must be animating the body of Frank Luntz, not to mention the rest of America's conservatives, because the "sound science" nonsense they're spouting is merely Lysenkoism dressed up to appeal to Fundie preachers and greedy captains of industry. And it's doing more harm to America than Stalin and Lysenko could have hoped for in their wildest dreams.

Yeah, I've never understood why the qualifications to do sound science involved fundamentalist Christianity or major corporate connections.

So few scientists seem to qualify.
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