Thursday, January 05, 2006


Speaking of Screaming: Here's a Screaming Double Standard for You

Big Media's Double Standard When Discussing Jack Abramoff -- #1: If you're a Democrat, and you got legal campaign donations from people who knew Jack Abramoff, and the money wasn't part of Abramoff's GOP money-laundering scam, the GOP/Media Axis is required to report it as "Democrat gets Abramoff-related cash" or in some other manner that puts the words "Democrat" and "Abramoff" in close proximity in order to imply things that just ain't so. #2: If you're George W. Bush, the media ignores the fact that Abramoff was a Bush Pioneer who raised over $100,000 for Bush in 2000 alone, and instead treats only the $6000 that Abramoff himself gave to Bush as "Abramoff-related cash" -- thus allowing Bush to get away with saying that when he gave back that $6000, he had really and truly given back all his "Abramoff-related cash".

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