Monday, January 16, 2006


Things Spotted On A Mall Walk

On a recent mall walk in Hugedale (aka The Mall of America), I saw something that surprised the heck out of me: In a T-Shirt kiosk, there was a T-shirt design that, unironically, promoted Hillary Clinton for president in 2008. It wasn't an "official" shirt, either -- being that Hillary hasn't officially started her campaign yet. And it was in the sort of T-shirt kiosk that is usually apolitical. Now, I've been inclined to write off a Hillary candidacy as utterly hopeless, fueled by name recognition alone, much like Joe Lieberman's "front runner" status in early 2003 before Howard Dean kicked him to the curb. And her negative numbers are pretty high for someone wanting to be president. But I'll tell you what: All through 2003 and 2004, I'd never, EVER, seen any T-Shirt places that weren't run by the Lieberman campaign that were selling official Lieberman paraphernalia, much less any home-brewed stuff. She's not exactly who I'd pick to head the Democratic ticket (and not just because I don't think she could win -- I have serious problems with a lot of her DINOtastic stances), but she may not be the utter Liebermanesque boatanchor I was afraid she might be.

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