Friday, January 13, 2006


Thou Shalt Not Contact The Pundit Lords Of Punditry!

The Raw Story reports that the New York Times is no longer publicly publishing the e-mail addresses of their staffers. And that's not all:

The Times has advised papers which receive their news content to remove any old e-mail addresses which they may have published alongside Op-Ed columns. "The New York Times no longer provides public e-mail addresses for its Op-Ed columnists," a memo obtained by RAW STORY asserts. "With the advent of the paper's online program TimesSelect, subscribers are invited to contact columnists from within The Times' Web site,"
Non-subscribers are apparently invited to go pound salt. As a public service to our readers, I intend to collect up all the e-mail addresses I know of or can find/recall for the NYT's Op-Edders -- starting with the Good Guys: (Frank Rich) (The Shrill One) (Bob Herbert) (Byron Calame, the NYT's Public Editor/Ombudsman) There! That was fast. Now for the Not-So-Good Guys: (Maureen Dowd) (David Brooks) Hmmm. John Tierney's apparently never had a publicly-printed e-mail address, even though he's been writing offensive crap for them since at least October of 2004. Gee, I wonder why? (Not.) Feel free to suggest more additions.

Good for you. I get Times Select because my husband has a subscription to the paper. I wonder if they'll allow Times Select cul de sac dwellers to "contact the author electronically." If so, what makes them think that we won't publish the e-mail addresses?

They didn't like the blogosphere before, they'll really hate it now.

I'll pass along any e-mail addresses to you.
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