Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Why We Need A Truman Commission

During the midst of World War II, FDR wasn't afraid to carry out hard-hitting probes of war profiteers. The Truman Commission nailed a lot of bad operators in its day -- and the Democrat-controlled Congress let the chips fall where they would. Nowadays, massive corruption infests every level of the Iraq invasion and occupation enterprise. (In a way, this is appropriate, since the very idea was misbegotten from the start.) Nothing shows this better than the pungent comparisons made by Iraqi blogger Riverbend between the lightninig speed in which Iraq rebuilt itself after the first Gulf War, and the utter lack of progress at rebuilding Iraq in the three years since the US-led invasion. But so long as Republicans control Congress and the White House, the malefactors -- all of whom have financial ties to the GOP in general and to the Bush-Cheney Axis in particular -- will go unpunished. <>

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