Thursday, February 16, 2006


Blogging the Congress

Last night (or early this morning, depending on where you are), Atrios posted this:

Free idea for anyone who has the resources to run with it. Something that's missing is a bloglike shadow of CSpan, essentially explaining what's going on in the House/Senate at any given moment. Sure it isn't exciting most of the time, but often when it *is* exciting the viewing public isn't really sure why. And, inbetween interesting moments, it'd be the perfect place for more gossipy stuff. A really on the ball "what the fuck is going on now" blog focused primarily on what was going on in real time in the House and the Senate would really fill a niche. Hotline/etc... do a bit of this but really not enough of it. There are many days when I flip to, say, Cspan's Senate coverage and know there's some really important context I'm missing which probably isn't that complicated and simply requires a reasonably seasoned Congresswatcher to explain it to me.
Bob Geiger and his friends are doing this for the Senate, but we need someone to do it for the House as well. Maybe some of the Kossacks might be interested? Or some of our blogging Congresscritters?

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