Monday, February 27, 2006


"Chaos is the plan" --Fisk

Dahr Jamail implies Mosque Bombing may have been a US hit: The most important question to ask regarding the bombings of the Golden Mosque in Samarra on the 22nd is: who benefits? Here is his thinking: 1. Recent revelations in Iraq have embarrassed the occupying nations and led to the lifting of extraterritoriality privileges for the British. 2. The new photos from Abu Ghraib are a coincident factor in public outrage, leading the head of the provincial council in Misan to threaten to withdraw from cooperation. 3. Basra has already with drawn cooperation and Kerbala may follow. 4. Although there has been sectarian violence following the demolition of Askariyah, there have actually been larger demonstrations of solidarity between Sunni and Shia. The western media have systematically edited out this. Example: "Shiite religious authority Ayatollah Hussein Ismail al-Sadr said...'Of course it is not Sunnis who did this work; it is the terrorists who are the enemies of the Shiites and Sunni, Muslims and non Muslims. They are the enemies of all religions; terrorism does not have a religion.'" And now the boggler: "...less than a year ago in Basra, two undercover British SAS soldiers were detained by Iraqi security forces whilst traveling in a car full of bombs and remote detonators. Jailed and accused by Muqtada al-Sadr and others of attempting to generate sectarian conflict by planting bombs in mosques, they were broken out of the Iraqi jail by the British military before they could be tried." Oh. So that's what that was all about. "Chaos is the plan" --Fisk (via the Chimp)
The description of the carefully placed demolition charges reminded me of the possibility that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were not brought down by the two large planes and large amount of jet fuel but, as military and civilian scientific and construction explosives experts have determined is most likely, by "cutter" bombs set to sever the outer steel supports of the towers, which would have been necessary to make the floors "pancake" down as they did. The fall of WTC 7 is also more plausibly due to demolition charges than anything else.

The minute I read about the cordoning off by U.S. forces of the street on which the Askariya mosque was located, supposedly to protect against outbreaks of violence in the wee hours, I wondered whether there our forces were up to something. Was the bombing perhaps a setup designed to foment internal conflict among Muslims, which some commentators conjecture is the Bush administration's current policy of sorts?

Idris Serpent of the Nile
Idris, I disagree with the interpretation that the Trade Center was brought down by anything except the impact of aircraft. I have yet to see any architects or engineers--especially from the firm that designed the towers-- who believe this theory.

If you have a reputable source, my e-mail is listed and I am always willing to consider new facts.

I think the answer will emerge in a study the National Institute of Standards and Technology is in process of bringing out. The study covers the progress of the fire. I'll post the link in a post above.
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