Thursday, February 23, 2006


Conspiracy theory of the day

There's a very interesting quote on Juan Cole's Informed Comment blog. A reader writes in to say the following: They told B. how the demolition [in Samarra] was carried out. You see, it was nothing like a hipshot sneaking up bombing by night. It was meticulous, skilful piece of work, taking a lot of time, the guards knowing all about what was going on. At least that´s what they told him today. An article in the Hindustani Times (via Wikipedia; thanks to reader InPlainView) says Sources have said that four men wearing a military uniform and three men in black, entered the mosque early Wednesday and detonated two bombs, one of which collapsed the dome and damaged a large part of the northern wall of the shrine. A London Times article says the military uniforms were of the Iraqi Special Forces. Apparently no one was killed. How did the assailants overwhelm the guards with no gunplay? Now, if you look at the photo of the the bombing, it does look like a very professional job, one involving large amounts of explosives carefully placed to bring the structure down on itself. The first photo shows the damage is centered on the dome, with the damage symmetrical. The undamaged minaret is splashed with masonry. The distribution of rubble inside the dome (photo 7) appears to be symmetric, although this may be consequent to cleanup. The exterior (photo 4) shows the reinforcing mesh ripped away probably from the face nearest the minaret. I can't believe a Shiite would do this, which means I don't think Iran would do it. While Al Qaida is always a possible suspect, why would the guards (presumably Shiites) let the bombers in? Presumably they knew and trusted them. CIA, anyone?
ok. But wha CIA? what would the US government have to gain from a further destabilisation of Iraq?
You ask a good question, Anon, and I have mentioned it in the new thread created today.

It's something that Americans--including myself-- have a difficult time wrapping their minds around. Robert Fisk, who has spent more time in the Middle East than most people have been alive put it this way: "Chaos is the plan."

The US plan for the Middle East seems to be to aggravate sectarian war, to bleed Iraq and Iran and Syria slowly. This is exactly what the US did in the 1980s by arming Iran and Iraq.

As for who pulled the trigger, is it CIA? Seals? Delta Force? An Iraqi paramilitary group trained by the above?

Who knows and who cares? There are three suspects:

* Al Qaida
* Sunni extremists
* The US or its regional allies (notably the Kurds, but also Israel).

All have a goal of reducing Iraq to utter misery. All that's left is to figure out who got to Askariyah first?
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