Monday, February 27, 2006


The Dangers Of Reflexive Cynicism

It's all well and good to have a healthy attitude of skepticism towards things. But it's bad when it becomes an unthinkingly reflexive cynicism. Reflexive cynicism seems to me to be a moral figleaf used to excuse inaction on an issue. Hate Bush, but don't have the energy/time/gumption to do anything about him? Then hide behind various figleaves, such as Diebold, in order to find ways to salve their consciences over their inaction. (While Diebold is a problem, too many people are using as an excuse not to work to elect Democrats -- even though Diebold is not the invincible juggernaut people want to think it is; it's getting its butt kicked in California, for one thing.) Which is why it's so saddening/maddening to see the largely uninformed and reflexively unthinking cynicism engendered by this diary over at Daily Kos -- a cynicism that is all but immortal despite the diarist's repeated efforts (of which this is one) to debunk it.

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