Sunday, February 12, 2006


Election Theft 2006

AP is reporting that Rene Preval's total has fallen juuuust under the 50% needed to prevent a runoff election. Haiti is nearing the explosion point where even troops will not hold the lid on. Here's the interesting thing: About 125,000 ballots - or 7.5 percent of the votes cast - have been declared invalid because of irregularities, raising suspicion among Preval supporters that polling officials are trying to steal the election. Another 4 percent of the ballots were blank but were still added into the total, making it harder Preval to obtain the 50 percent plus one vote needed. Here's the math: Exit polls: Preval 63% Less spoiled votes: -7.5% Less bizarre blank ballots: -4% _______ 50.5% So.... how did they steal the extra 1%?
And once again, note that the article carefully avoids mentioning that Preval was allied with Aristide -- because to acknowledge that is to admit that Haitians want Aristide and not whoever BushCo wants to shove down their throats.
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