Friday, February 24, 2006


Friday Cat Blogging

Tiger at the Detroit Zoo

For the sake of this tiger and all the other residents of the Detroit Zoo: If you live within traveling distance of Detroit, or are ever likely to visit Detroit, or like zoos, or believe that there ought to be more to a city than grim subsistence, help keep the Detroit Zoo open by writing to the Detroit City Council (via this form) to tell them how important it is to stop bickering and agree on a plan to replace the funding eliminated from the city's budget.

I think this is carrying pet adoption a bit far, myself.
To make it clear, the above was intended as humor.

The treatment of animals in zoos, however, is no joke. Detroit, treat 'em right.
The Detroit Zoo was the first in the U.S. to provide "open enclosures" (vs. cages) for the animals. Today, they care enough about the animals' welfare to have sent their elephants (arguably the most popular animals at the zoo) to a refuge in California because they had health problems from living in a cold climate. They do a lot of work to save endangered species, too.
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