Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Harvard Study: 'No Child Left Behind' Goes Easier on White Districts

Gosh. What a surprise. According to Reuters,

Political compromises forged between some states and the federal government have allowed schools in some predominantly white districts to dodge penalties faced by regions with larger ethnic minority populations, the study said. Bush's 2001 No Child Left Behind Act was meant to introduce national standards to an education system where only two-thirds of teenagers graduate from high school, a proportion that slides to 50 percent for black Americans and Hispanics. But instead of uniform standards, the policy has allowed various states to negotiate treaties and bargains to reduce the number of schools and districts identified as failing, said the study by Harvard University's Civil Rights Project.
In other words, a law supposedly intended to apply uniform standards throughout the country is being used (misused, one might say) to create different standards for different districts, depending on their demographics. A law crafted by Busheviks increases the disadvantages of poverty. Who could have expected that?
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