Tuesday, February 21, 2006


History Declares The End of Fukuyama

Some jokes write themselves: NEOCONSERVATISM has failed the United States and needs to be replaced by a more realistic foreign policy agenda, according to one of its prime architects. Francis Fukuyama, who wrote the best-selling book The End of History and was a member of the neoconservative project, now says that, both as a political symbol and a body of thought, it has "evolved into something I can no longer support". He says it should be discarded on to history's pile of discredited ideologies. (via ICH)
Sounds like Dr. Fukuyama is trying to convince people he's not Dr. Frankenstein.
I'd refer you to Peter Canellos' latest sucking of neo-con toes in today's Boston Globe but it's not anything that you haven't read before.

Isn't it fun when one of these grand theorists, whose theories prop up their own financial best interest, falls face-first into the great pie of comeuppance?

When you've gotten it as wrong as the neo-cons eventually even the billionaire sugar-daddies take notice. It takes time, look at Laffer, but it happens.
I see this more as a lesson that people should be careful not to be too grandiose, especially in titling books.

Titles like "The End of History" are like lightning rods waiting to be struck.
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