Thursday, February 09, 2006


Humor me

This is what Free Republic calls a "vanity post." Firedoglake asked whether former Deputy AG James Comey should testify. My answer: I'd love to see Comey testify. I'd love to see *anyone* testify. Snoop. Madonna. Queen Latifah. Benny Hinn. Anyone at all. So far, all we have seen is 1) an Attorney General immunized against lying by Arlen Specter, 2) a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling flack attack, and 3) the door behind which the Intelligence Committee very likely heard numerous lies which can't be prosecuted because they are classified lies. Oh. And 4) "congressional oversight" as a rampant opthalmic disorder. _________________________ As posters at FDL have pointed out, and as I mentioned in comments below, Comey went along with a lot of the wrongdoing at DoJ. Mark Felt ("Deep Throat") was a whistleblower in Watergate, but he wasn't a hero. He believed in official lawbreaking, and just thought Nixon had advanced the art too far. Comey will become a hero in my book the day he stands up and says, "The President and the Attorney General gave me illegal orders, and I obeyed them until at last I could stomach them no longer." Until then, I'd love to see someone-- anyone-- testify.
In a corrupt empire Heroism is an entirely devalued currency. These days an heroic action is more often than not an ad hoc kind of thing. For example, Senator Byrd looked like a hero when he was opposing the war in Iraq but he was anything but in supporting Alito's confirmation. Will he act heroically again? I don't know.

The people who act heroically with regularity are seldom found in public office or in the employment of the federal government, not publically and if publically then not for long.

I'd like a lot of those people mentioned at Firedog have the same interrogation methods used by the federal government loosen their lips. But only when I'm not trying to be heroically good.
Sadly, I think Robert Byrd plays at being a noble Roman Senator, olvlzl. I always have.

That's really the problem in Washington. People are trying to "appear like" or "side with" or "go on record as believing." You have people like Linda Tripp and L. Jean Lewis who have grandiose designs on changing history. It's like Jerusalem Syndrome, in which visitors to Palestine get grandiose hallucinations of their relationship with God.

Why? I dunno. Mescaline in the water?

And, yeah, I suspect that John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales would be substantially improved by a few waterboarding sessions.
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