Wednesday, February 22, 2006


It's Always Pathetic When Orrin Hatch Tries Finessing A Lie

Remember my post yesterday on how Orrin Hatch was trying to prep the nation for the national rollout of the GOP effort to revive the Saddam=Osama lie? Well, guess what: Even in Utah, where Republicans are worshiped as gods, that dog just won't hunt. Poor Borin' Orrin has had to, ah, finesse his recent statements, after having his buttocks flayed by people who are more honorable than he is.

Sen. Orrin Hatch backpedaled Tuesday from a recent claim he made asserting that deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was supporting al-Qaida, and that "Nobody with brains" would deny the connection. The assertion was striking not so much for its audacious tone, but because it contradicted the findings of multiple intelligence reviews, including the 9-11 Commission's report and a review by the Senate Intelligence Committee, on which Hatch sits.
Um, yeah.

Striking as in the cartoon-self-inflicted-hammer-blow-to-the-head sense.

Yes, that's Orrin. There are boxes of rocks for whom he serves as a role model.
Phoenix Woman, I'm Phoenix Rivers.

I dig your style.
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