Saturday, February 04, 2006


Kristol: "Lenin was right!"

There may be no greater joy in political life than to see Bill Kristol called a Leninist by Francis Fukuyama, even as Fukuyama calls himself a Marxist, and both of them being told what utter blivets they are by a Frenchman. That's what happened on 1/24 at the Paul H. Nitze School at Johns Hopkins. It's archived at SAIS. Click here for audio and here for the Q&A. The Frenchman is Bernard-Henri Levy, author of American Vertigo. He had a wonderful riff about how Kristol's Weekly Standard is still trying to impeach Bill Clinton. Just to keep it straight, after Kristol said that "Lenin was right!", he gushed the necessary politicobabble on about how bad the Communists were and that Lenin was only right about Communism not necessarily arising in industrialized nations first.
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