Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Lieberman and Perle ≠ All American Jews And/Or Jewish Organizations

I spent a good chunk of time today fighting back the myth that American Jews and Jewish organizations are all marching in lockstep behind Bush and his foreign policy actions, including selling off the nation's ports to Dubai. From the comment WRT to the ports issue that set me off:

But seriously, the major Jewish organizations are all throwing in with the Republicans and I'm a bit skeptical if this can be used as a wedge issue.
Sorry, but Joe Lieberman isn't the only Jew out there. (Really, he's not. And neither is Richard Perle.) As regular readers of this blog know, Chuck Schumer has been against the deal from the beginning, and he's also spent much of the past few years pushing for better port security in general. And guess what? Schumer's Jewish. As for Iraq, Reform Judaism is the biggest branch of Judaism in America, and guess what? They're very vocally opposed to the Iraq war. The problem is that just as the GOP/Media Complex only thinks that right-wing Fundamentalist Christians are the only Christians, they also want us to think that Lieberman and Perle speak for all American Jews. They don't.

Schumer is a mixed bad, he voted for cloture on the Patriot Act today. Makes me wonder if he will fold on this.
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