Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Meet the next Senator from West Virginia

Out of all the votes against the filibuster of Samuel Alito, none is more inexcusable than that of Senator Robert Byrd, who has long represented himself as a defender of debate in the Senate and an opponent of the overreach of Executive power. The "next Senator", by the way, is actually an image by Sharon Miller, who says she donates proceeds for animal shelters. I like this representation of the "next Senator" because of its pointed head, small ears, and coloration that manages to elude being white or black or even gray.
Byrd's vote is incomprehensible as is his participation in the phony compromise of last spring.

But his vote is no less a betrayal of a life time of words than that of Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, or any of the other phony moderates.

If the Democrats win the Senate back they need to be forced into declaring the truth, that the Republicans ended the filibuster for Democrats and they have to deny it to Republicans. It is dead.
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