Thursday, February 02, 2006


Republican Senator Answers Altar Call

Thanks to Allspin Zone for flagging this WaPo story on "St. Jack" Danforth. Short version: The GOP has been taken over by nut cases. One of these days, Danforth may even get around to someday admitting that what he engaged in to get his friend Clarence Thomas on the bench by defaming Anita Hill amounted to a marathon trashing of the Ninth Commandment.
Danforth expected to become Sec. of State after Colin the Compromised left. Instead Bush elevated his remarkably incompetent and criminally neglegent family retainer to the post. I suspect that Danforth's subseqent activities have more than a bit of revenge mixed in. But, given his elevation of an old family retainer to the Supreme Court, you'd think that he could savor the irony of the situation. But he doesn't appear to have any more irony in him than a bowl of dog food.

Someone should make a study of how people achieve eminence in our country, especially Washington DC eminence. I think the answers would tell us a lot about just how bad things are.
I get the sense Danforth (and maybe more importantly, The Washington Post) has aspirations of him becoming president, EPT. But for all his "saintliness" (and he's far from the worst GOPer on earth), he can't admit to doing wrong in pushing Thomas onto the court. He's same-o-same-o.

By the way, I commented below on your suggestion that we lobby on behalf of Sheila Jackson Lee and asked you for a game plan. Any thoughts?
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