Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Should Ted Rall Sue Ann Coulter?

Wait, wait, before you say "YES!" you should know what it's about. Coulter slandered Rall.

Republican columnist Ann Coulter spoke earlier today to the Conservative Political Action Committee, where the audience included 1000 right-wingers including Vice President Dick Cheney. There, among other things, she is reported to have said the following: "Iran is soliciting cartoons on the Holocaust. So far, only Ted Rall, Garry Trudeau, and the NY Times have made submissions." She lied. I have not submitted anything to any Iranian publication. I have no intention of doing so. And I have said that in public, repeatedly. Obviously, in making such a statement, Coulter crossed the line into outright libel [sic]--she intentionally stated a mistruth intended to harm my reputation.
Rall polled his readers, who told him 3-to-1 that of course he should sue. He's still soliciting pledges to help pay the cost of filing the lawsuit, and presumably the legal fees for the lawsuit if his attorney determines that a case would be legally feasible. The email address for making a pledge is chet @ rall.com. You know what to do.
I'm off to spam this to DKos and Eschaton! Arsenic Annie's been insulated from the consequences of her actions ever since she was born. Time for her to grow up.
Oh, and it looks like Ted got the $6000 he needed to make a filing. (He'll need much more than that for the actual suit, obviously -- he's talking with his lawyer now.)
Yes, yes, yes. She should be sued. It's been a mistake that liberals have made for years to allow them to tell lie after lie with no consequences. Ted Rall is a private citizen, there is no "public purpose" to allow the likes of Ann Coulter to tell any lie that comes into her head about him. If he sucessfully sued her and got a substantial award and, most importantly, a judgement that she is a liar it would go a ways to cleaning up the lies that the Republicans tell with impunity.

My donation is on its way.
Contribute, h---!

Rall should do an IPO.
the NYT doesn't do cartoons. It just has a few in the Sunday edition from other papers.
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