Wednesday, February 22, 2006


That AWFUL Liberal Media!

Here they are, slandering Dick Cheney by claiming that Cheney's Secret Service detail said he was "drunk as a skunk" when he shot Harry Whittington in the face eleven days ago! Those despicable liberals! How dare they! Um, except that it's not the "liberal" media saying this. It's actually Capitol Hill Blue, a conservative DC-based website, that's making these accusations. As Emily Litella used to say: Never mind!

Capitol Hill Blue is a member in good standing of the "liberal media." Meaning to say, it's run by a dishonest crackpot conservative.

The Secret Service would not talk about anyone under their protection. Any White House aide who would talk to Doug Thompson could be certain it would appear in print. Maybe stirring the pot on Cheney's drinking is the only way they can get people to stop talking about Dubai.
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