Sunday, February 19, 2006


Truth rises from its well

((I couldn't find my copy of The Proud Tower, with it's brilliant cartoon of Zola under the title "Truth rises from its well, so you'll have to settle from this one, from Beitler collection) LA Times editors: That the United States Senate has a body called the Intelligence Committee is an irony George Orwell would have truly appreciated. In a world without Doublespeak, the panel, chaired by GOP Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, would be known by a more appropriate name - the Senate Coverup Committee.
I raise you a House "Ethics" Committee.

The only thing that Republicans are good for investegating is a tawdry affair. And it took all those Scaife billions to do that for them. They are both dishonest and stupid.
At least they do something well.
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