Sunday, February 26, 2006


UAE Ports Deal: Was Lieberman Bought Off?

I've been wondering why Joe Lieberman is backing Bush on the UAE ports deal when practically every other Northeastern politician, Democrat and Republican, strongly opposes the deal. (Especially since the UAE not only is buds with the Taliban, but -- just like Iran, Bush's Pariah State Flavor Of The Month -- refuses to recognize the right of Israel to exist.) It looks like the presence of big wads of pork-barrel cash for Connecticut might have been a factor.

I've been wondering why Bush has been so adamant about a deal he apparently wasn't even aware of. I read a comment posted over at Jane Hampshers about perhaps establishing a military D-Day type of invasion on Iran across the strait of Hormuz being staged at the port in UAE.
Sounds rather far fetched but I wouldn't put much of anything past the neocons.
Imagine going to war on the crown jewel of intel completely contrary to the only solid CIA investigation disputing 9/11 linkage. Then selling port management to a country clearly linked to 9/11. I mean, why should we "fight them over there" when we can invite them over here?
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