Saturday, February 11, 2006


Uncle Sam, racketeer

It was Marine Major General Smedley Butler who called our government a mafia for its constant interventions in the Caribbean basin. Another theft of democracy may be happening. The exit polls predicted a 63% win for Rene Preval, the Fanmi Lavalas (pro-Aristide) candidate. Rene Preval Indeed, his margin in early tallies was 65%. But with half the votes counted, he has seen his margin plunge to 50.2% in the latest with half the votes counted. It would be very surprising if the Lavalas strongholds-- which were strangely plagued with long lines due to late openings of polling places and a very low ratio of polling places to voters (Cite Soleil had no polling places at all!)-- were counted first. Granted, the rural districts are also likely to report late. But with the terror that they suffered in the aftermath of the coup, I can't believe they'd vote for the US-backed candidate, Charles Henry Baker or neo-Duvalierist (Haitian Mafia) candidate Leslie Managat. Bother were predicted to get about 10% of the vote. There are many things an American can take pride in. Our country's Haitian policy is not one of them. The fact that the US State Department is swearing that the election is free of fraud is a very strong hint that they are committing it.
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