Monday, February 13, 2006


The Veep That Couldn't Shoot Straight

CBS News reported this evening that Whittington was still in the ICU while doctors tried to determine just how much, if any, of the shot could be safely removed. They may have to leave most of it in place. And we know the shot pattern from this report, fetched by The Smoking Gun. That's consistent with a shot from ten to fifteen yards away. Whittington's lucky his carotid wasn't popped. Ironically, this incident -- and BushCo's bizarre attempts to deal with it (first by ignoring it, then by releasing some strange CYA excuses for it) -- have probably angered more of Bush's base (that part of which that hunts and fishes regularly, and fires guns outside of the context of video game usage) than anything else Bush or Cheney could have done. Kill 100,000 people just to install a few military bases? Yawn. Demonstrate that you don't know the first thing about gun safety? Grab the pitchforks!

Upper Class Twit of the Year. I'm asking that Cheney win by acclamation.

How is this form of "hunting" different from Ivan the Terrible entertaining himself by hurling puppies off of towers? I've got no sympathy for the jerk who got shot, got to say.
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