Wednesday, February 15, 2006


We're Torturing Kids In Front Of Their Parents

I wonder why James Dobson isn't all upset about this:

According to the respected Austrian paper Der Standard, Zabar's son was hosed down with ice water and locked into a cell block with another prisoner notorious for raping fellow inmates. At this point, it is not known whether the minor was actually raped. Apparently the tactic backfired, as General Zabar [PW notes: One of Saddam's generals] was "so devastated that he was incapable of giving further testimony".  
But of course they're brown Mohammedans, so they don't count, right? And of course that's not the worst of what we're done. Not even close. [UPDATE: And worse has just been uncovered.] To add on to a set of lyrics by Bartcop: And I'm proud to be an American Where we torture kids to death We make them curse their heathen god As they choke on their last breath And they can't stand up to face the noose 'cause we've broken both their legs Just makes me want to stand and shout: "God bless the USA!"

Torturing children in front of their parents and vice versa is standard operating proceedure for the Republican-fascists. Anyone who looked at what the Contra-fascists did for them in Latin America would only be surpised that there weren't dismemberments involved in this incident.

We are dealing with the most accomplished terrorists in the history of the United States. The Bush Crime Family.
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