Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Why I Love Librarians

A librarian weighs in on a Boston Globe Op-Edder's belief that librarians side with terrorists:

WHILE I couldn't agree less with Richard Cravatts's take on the enforcement of the laws concerning privacy, I will agree with his contention that librarians know the Dewey Decimal System. That a librarian's professional training concentrates on mastering the use of the system is quite off the mark, however, and as enlightened a concept in the 21st century as starting a fire with a stone and a spark. In any event, should he himself ever need to be catalogued, I've got a spot for him on the shelf at 621.945. That would be the 620s for Engineering, 621.9 for Tools and Fabricating Equipment, and, specifically, 621.945 for Boring Tools. ERIKA TARLIN Somerville The writer is a librarian at Buckingham Browne & Nichols in Cambridge.

That letter made my morning. They get some good ones in the Boston Globe. The other one on the same subject was pretty good too.
That is so funny. You gotta love a librarian with the soul of a poet and the wit of Atilla.
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