Saturday, March 25, 2006


All 360 degrees of the axis of evil

OK. We've had about a million, give or take a million, of instances of documentary forgeries, allegedly from the Saddam era, exposed. They've been consistently targeted against political opponents of the Bush Administration, like George Galloway. Now the Pentagon comes along and-- three years after they took control of the country-- suddenly discovers that: Russia funnelled intelligence on American troop movements in Iraq to Saddam Hussein during the early days of the war, according to documents contained in a Pentagon report released last night. Documents apparently from Saddam's regime, seized by the Americans, described how Russia collected crucial plans from "inside the American central command", and channelled it via Moscow's ambassador in Baghdad, Vladimir Titorenko. The Pentagon did not explicitly vouch for the authenticity of the documents.... This sounds like The Big Lie to me. Granted, I don't have inside sources. But if plans were collected from "inside American central command," you have a major, major espionage scandal, probably the biggest since the Walker scandal, in which submarine codes were compromised, three decades ago. It sounds like it would have been too big to hush up. These documents are just now coming to light? The Pentagon won't vouch for the authenticity of the documents? And the supposed "intelligence" is totally worthless nonsense? A more plausible explanation is that the allegation is bulls--t. I therefore make the following prediction: this will become the basis for the next wingnut heavy breathing session. The documents will be exposed as forgeries. At that point, it will abruptly vanish from right-wing sites.
This justs sounds to me like a slightly revised plotline from an old Kevin Costner/Gene Hackman movie.
I don't think Republicans watch movies with actors that good, shrimplate.

The heavy breathing begins:


The Lesser Professor

Gateway Druggist

The latter has a Domenech Defense that's worth reading. After saying in no uncertain terms that Republicans don't tolerate any bad behavior, he says, "I hope that Ben springs right back and does not wallow in shame. Come back soon Ben Domenech. You are welcome here anytime."

Which translates from the original Crapolian as ::wink wink::
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