Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Another Big Security Risk at the White House

I was just reading in AMERICAblog that the White House knew top aide Claude Allen was accused of a felony, and did nothing about it. And the penny dropped. If somebody's been committing crimes, there's a chance that somebody else knows about those crimes. And that makes Claude Allen a potential target for blackmail. The particular crime Claude Allen got caught committing indicates he's greedy — he wanted more than he can get by honest means. That makes him entirely bribable. Ask anybody at the FBI or the CIA or the Department of Justice what motivates people to become spies for foreign powers: blackmail and bribes. Claude potentially had both motivations. The White House knew that Claude Allen was a prime candidate for selling our secrets, and didn't care. Please, oh please, Republicans, please do run your campaigns on the issue of "national security".

That's more than a penny that dropped.

I'd say a Susan B. Anthony dollar.

Of course, they still are working on figuring out who Jeff Gannon was visiting for his overnight press briefings. So it could take a while before the Snickers bar comes out the chute.
The real problem, unfortunately, is whether any Democrats recognize this as a national security issue and make a campaign issue of it.

And if they do, whether the so-called liberal media mention it.
This is a stretch, but nice try. You'll be sore in the morning.
Ah, the drive-by, never-answer-the-facts poster is back.

How reassuring to know that the party that never pays any attention to reality is there to provide critiques of every Democratic moves.
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