Thursday, March 30, 2006


Atlanta TV station plays by Calvinball Rules in reporting McKinney incident

And one of Calvinball rules is that in any tie, Republicans win. Just check out this one, in which WSBTV Atlanta reported on a scuffle Congresswoman Cynthia had with a Capitol Hill police officer. Here's the news article: According to U.S. Capitol Police, the two reportedly scuffled yesterday after the Georgia Democrat entered a House office building unrecognized and refused to stop when asked.According to one account, the sixth-term congresswoman from DeKalb County struck the officer. A police official said there were conflicting accounts. On the audio portion, we learn that the source for the claim that she struck the police officer was... a Republican. So, what's the headline? You got it. "Cynthia McKinney regrets hitting police officer." Calvinball rules. In a tie, the Republican wins. Now, there's no disagreement that Congresswoman McKinney was out of line, though she also says, I was urgently trying to get to an important meeting on time to fulfill my obligations to my constituents. Unfortunately, the Police Officer did not recognize me as a Member of Congress and a confrontation ensued. I did not have on my Congressional pin but showed the Police Officer my Congressional ID. Her concession that she should not have tried to push past is on the money. The Capitol Police have a tough job. It doesn't matter if Congresspeople really are in a hurry. It doesn't matter if, as some rumors have it, that she felt that she was being harassed by Capitol Police. But exactly what happened? According to America's number one vendor of malarkey, Matt Drudge and his enablers there's no question what happened. Crazy black woman punched cop. It's all on tape. She will be arrested when Congress adjourns. But when one reads the reports, it's generally agreed that the police officer mistakenly pursued McKinney, who had a perfect right to walk around the detector. So, maybe she has a case for assault? We shouldn't have to wade through a political mudbath every time that we get the news, and that's what we are seeing from media organizations. There is clearly politically motivated malice in spinning this story. Making up headlines that don't match the article isn't journalism. It's propaganda. If you have the information for the headline, you put it in the body of the article. Nor is taking unconfirmed rumors from Drudge as news journalism. It's laziness and bad taste, but it's not journalism. So, how do I know about the politicization? Because I learned about the story from Red State. You know. The Washington Post's main source for conservative thought. The guys who still don't get it that Ben Domenech was a four star liar. They are on this story, and I bet that Free Republic and Limbaugh are too. There are some great commments on RedState by a poster called "gamecock". You know, I am the Legal Editor and conservative voice for a DeKalb County paper. McKinney's district is DeKalb, which also includes part of the City of Atlanta and is the 2nd largest county after Fulton that make up the metro area.I had some dueling editorials with her in 2001-2 and did all I could to get the truth out as she lost her seat, only to win it back after the lady that beat her mysteriously decided not to run again.she is a disgrace the voter ID bill might doom her most of her voters are dead or felons and paid Don't you just love legal editors with third grade punctuation? And this one: amen bro, it speaks VOLUMES about the sorriness By: gamecock of her supporters in DeKalb, esp since she doesnt even bring home the bacon, ie pork. She is part of the ex-civil rights hustler crowd that keeps the race-bating, class envy, entitlement, greivance, victimhood game ginned up.I am also very suspicious concerning why Majette decided to seek a US Senate seat she had ZERO chance of winning rather than seeking re-election. I wonder if she was made an offer she couldnt refuse. McKinney has many thuggish and jihadist supporters.pure evil manipulating the ignorant and the complicit And this one: if he's [Bernie Sanders is] honest enough to admit he's a socialist By: gamecock I'm going to take his word for it and therefore exclude him from the communist cuteness pageant. Most communists call themselves progressives. This is the nest of the viper that The Washington Post brought to its breast. Calvinball rules.
Forays into the cesspools of the comments sections of RedState and Freeperland have left me convinced that true psychopaths dwell there.

We all know the type. In school and on the job they are probably simply identified as "a$$holes."

Unfortunately, I have also come to believe that it's OK to hate them, because there's nothing else to do with them, and I also think that as the political parties are presently aligned, such people tend to gravitate to the Republican side of the aisle.

If the fictional Michael Corleone character ever ran for the Senate, do you think he'd be a tree-hugging Bernie Sanders comrade, or a tax-cutting Bushista?
Shrimpy, Michael Corleone's character was crass, but he also worked in a reality-based framework.

He would have opposed our involvement in Iraq, for one thing. Remember his reaction when he saw the Castro supporter blow himself (and the arresting officer) up rather than be taken alive? "It occurred to me that the officer was paid to do what he did, while the rebel was not."

The message Michael C. took from this? "They" -- meaning the rebels -- "can win." And they did, not too long afterward.
Hate destroys the hater, shrimplate. Action is what defeats Republicans.

It is easy to get angry at the fact that these guys do such outrageous things without any fear of consequences. But with every lie they tell, with every rotten deed they commit, they sows the seeds of their undoing.

As you say, Michael Corleone is a fictional character. So, he will never do anything. But you and I are not fictional. We can do things, like write to the TV stations and the Capitol Police to tell them that this will not wash.
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