Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The Aymara Menace!

To people who understand indigenous societies, the events in Bolivia are really, really interesting. Indigenous societies tend to be theocratic, with moiety/clan/family associations providing a second layer of organization. But they have a very, very different notion of what entities can constitute private property. Karl Marx used Iroquois society as an inspiration for his writings, as apparently, did the American Founding Fathers. And so, although there is virtually no resemblance between the Communist state and how Indians run things except the fact that Indians are better at sharing, any talk about Indians running their societies using indigenous principles sends 'wingers into a froth. From the Beeb, here's why we can expect a veritable foam tsunami. Bolivian President Evo Morales has signed a law convening a special assembly to rewrite the constitution. Mr Morales said Bolivia would be refounded, with indigenous peoples playing the role that they had been denied for hundreds of years. Mr Morales also signed a law calling a referendum on greater regional autonomy, which will be held on 2 July. He was elected in December 2005, pledging to reform the constitution and give more power to indigenous peoples. ...Mr Morales has said the free-market model does not work in Bolivia, and the partial privatisation of basic services and natural resources should be reversed. I kind of doubt that indigenous organization can work in an advanced society. But you know something? It's not my country. They can try out whatever they want! And that is what we call freedom.
No, no, no! Freedom is, uhm, letting multinational corporations turn your people into serfs!
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