Monday, March 13, 2006


Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Hoo boy. Once again, we are told that we'd do lots better if only we kowtowed more to the religio-racist right. PZ Myers does a good job of dissecting the alleged logic behind this here, but I want to add this: Rather than chasing after the votes of a shrinking number of people who will never vote for us anyway, why not go after a MUCH LARGER and GROWING group: Unmarried women? Unmarried women don't vote much, but when they do, they vote for Democrats. Want to get more of them into the voting booth? You're not going to do it by kowtowing to anti-woman "religious leaders". UPDATE: And now Lord Saletan's weighing in. Geez, the DINO Wing of the GOP/Media Industrial Complex must have sent out a memo this week urging their members to push for killing Roe v. Wade.

The Democrats really need to throw an anvil to the drowning Republicans. This is the anvil that the Dems have. I don't get it either.
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