Tuesday, March 07, 2006


"Black Budget" Programs Treated As Republican Slush Funds

The really disgusting thing about what Randy "Duke" Cunningham did is that most of the bribes he took were in order to use his position to sell the rest of Congress on the "need" for them to essentially turn over the keys to the Treasury to the people that bribed Cunningham, and all because the projects for which the contracts were intended were for top-secret "black budget" defense programs that have little or no oversight. (See here, here and here for more information.) It's yet another reason not to trust Republicans with our security or our liberty. Which is why this tidbit from Josh Marshall is intriguing.


FDR: Tax and Spend
LBJ: Fudge and Spend
Ronald Reagan: Borrow and Spend
George W. Bush: Bribe and Spend
Charles, you forgot:

Bill Clinton: Tax and Pay Down the Debt
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