Thursday, March 02, 2006


Britain's Conservatives Get a Clue

Britain seems to be having a "rightwing revolution" of a different sort. Tories told to adopt positive attitude on public services

The Conservative Party has been urged to stop regarding public services as a burden that must be paid for and instead to hail them as a force for good. [...] Stephen Dorrell, who is co-chairing a review of Tory policies on public services, said: "Because they are paid for by taxation, there is a tendency to think of them as a cost rather than a benefit. We are committed to the importance of wealth creation. There is no purer form of wealth creation than good health or a broad education. Both healthcare and education are wealth-creating activities and should be regarded as such."
I don't expect the rightwingers currently dominating politics in the U.S. to have a similar epiphany. Their goal, after all, is not to improve society's wellbeing across the board. They're working even harder at driving everybody else into poverty than they are at grabbing all the existing wealth for themselves. But maybe the fact that some Conservatives, even Conservatives in another country, are saying that entitlements aren't a cost, they're an investment, will embolden a few Democrats to emphasize the social and economic benefits of government programs.
And maybe one of those I've won the lottery e-mails I get daily will turn out to be true.
Yeah, I'm with Spartacus on that one, MEC.

Our Democrats are to the right of the Tories.

Then again, on many a day, so is Labour.
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